Hope for patients


World is suffering.. humans are in disease… in pain.. Modern Medical System is progressing leaps and bounds in alleviating the discomfort due to various medical conditions. But still some conditions are categorized as incurable in allopathic medical system. This is where alternative medicine brings a light of hope. Though there are no guaranteed cures for the medical cases but success rate of alternative medicine in many areas is keeping the flame light for patients who have been running from pillar to post for getting a cure for their diseases. At amHealer Shri Param Lowe offer remedies for a few medical conditions. All remedies given to patients fall under herbal, homeopathic, electrohomeopathic and biochemical category are 100% safe and does not have any adverse effects.

It is a popular saying in Ayurveda that says “even if a pinch of ash vibhooti is taken with firm faith that it will act as a cure for a disease, it can cure the disease”. Thats why positive mind is must.

Keep faith !

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